mormor & morfar


She was born in 1929 in the South of Sweden and grew up in this small village called Vadensjö. When she was older she moved to an other little town nearby called Landskrona where she married the love of her life and had three children: Carola, Carli and my mother Camilla. She was a beautiful woman who was very interested in fashion and jewelry.


My mother moved to France to be an au pair in the 80's, fell in love and decided to stay. So when I was growing up we used to come to Sweden every summer to visit family. I have a lot of great memories from those days. In 2005 me, my mom and siblings moved to Sweden, to the little town of Landskrona which actually isn't as little anymore.


Landskrona has given me so much and I kind of owe it to her because that's where she decided to have her roots. So thank you Majken, my dear grandmother, you will never be forgotten even though you are no longer with us. My new jewelry brand MAYKEN is a tribute to you and my Swedish legacy. I switched the "J" in your name to the "Y" from my name so that we will always be connected. Ps I miss your calls on my birthday because I loved to say happy birthday back to you. It was always special to share that day.