Sometimes in life you have the opportunity to meet amazing people on the journey you are on. Let me introduce them to you, my friends, who have helped med make MAYKEN come to life! From the bottom of my heart- THANK YOU! I believe we are stronger together, when we have each others backs and support each other! Cheers to friendship!

Emil Bogdanow, mentor and dearest friend!
When I was 18 I met Emil and it turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened in my life. He taught me to believe in myself, learn new things, go after my dreams and he was also the person who brought out my creative side which I didn't really knew I even had! Emil has always been there for me in my adult life to support and push me in the things I wanted to achieve. Many of which I probably never even would have thought of if I didn't knew him and his partner Jenny. I will always be grateful for this beautiful friendship we have! Have you heard the MAYKEN melody in my videos on social media? Emil, who is a very talented musician, made it for me!

Tanja Frandsen, best friend 
We met when I was 15 and I started school in Sweden! Since we were 18 we've been inseparable. Tanja has always been there for me and together we've gone trough so many wonderful things and also some not so great ones. But we always got each others backs! My journey in the jewelry business actually started with her back in 2012 when we had a little hobby jewelry making business called Toi & Moi Bijouterie. We saved the money we made for a few years and went on a trip to Paris when we turned 25! We are so growing old together! 


My Tapper- Pfeiffer, photographer 
The amazing photographer who's taken all of the product shots for the webshop! I am so grateful to have met My, she's a very kind and wonderful person with a lot of talent, a great eye for details as well as capturing depth weather it's a product or person in front of the camera! Follow her on instagram: @livetmedmy

Lindsay, photographer  
Probably the funniest photographer to work with! Lindsay, who mostly works with children and pregnant ladies, has in a studio photographed my beautiful real life models whom you see wearing all the beautiful pieces of jewelry! Aren't they pretty?
Instagram: @tillydillyphotography


Kentaroo Tryman, photographer

A friendly guy I met at a photoshoot a while back! You haven't seen his work here yet but we have planned a wonderful midsummer photoshoot later on! Stay tuned! 

Instagram: @fotografkentaroo

porträtt 400px.jpg

My beautiful real life models

Thank you girls Dijana, Johanna, Malin, Bianca & Sandra for doing such a great job in front of the camera even though it was your first time you delivered as pros!