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Hi there!

Thanks for checking in and welcome to MAYKEN!


My name is Myriam Jabert, I am 30 and I've worked as a self-taught jewelry designer/silversmith since 2015 when I started my first brand Myriam Jabert Jewelry. I also have a bachelor in Arts (Fashionology) and I am a certified interior decorator. I really love working with creative things and while I was making jewelry for Myriam Jabert Jewelry I realized it would be cool to make jewelry that could be used in multiple ways. It would give the pieces a more interesting twist and people wouldn't get tired of them as easily. Plus it would be more environmental friendly which is very important. 

I grew up in France but I've lived in Sweden since 2005, my moms family is from here and I really enjoy living here. As you maybe read in "The story" I started MAYKEN as a tribute to my Swedish grand-mother. I really wish she'd still be with us because I think she would have liked this a lot! But now she'll be an even bigger part of me and also a little part of all of you! 

Lately I've been thinking a lot about how people are so unhappy with the way they look and how different kinds of surgery and cosmetics have grown so much  these last few years. In my personal opinion it is a very sad development and I really wish young people were taught that they are good enough just the way they are! Therefore I've decided to use real life people as models in my advertisement and I believe my MAYKEN WOMEN are awesome!

Don't you?

Lots of love to all of you and thanks for being a part of this new journey! /Myriam